In studio. There I was with few ideas. One light, no two lights! Wait a minute, what’s happening? Few hours vanished in the studio – Where did those ideas go? No idea.

Back home, sitting in the front of the computer. Going back and forth, searching for good pictures – I found one. Maybe that is enough. My friend who was modeling (thanks Jenna!) in these photos had so cool, autumn colored cloths. And now I’m lost with them in photoshop. Let’s set the Saturation to 0% and gave it a warm tone. Somehow this feels more comfortable. I maybe went too far with the extra blur thing, but I like it.

I’m happy. The composition and the mood that reflects for the image are the best things in this photo. next time if I do this kind of lighting, I will try to get a bit more light into the eyes. Hmmm… But maybe it is the expression of the face and the eyes that is the thing in this photograph. And the large soft box’s light fading so smoothly to black and the extra blur gives it more that mystical feeling into it. One light and a reflector or two is a good choice. That will also be my plan in the studio shoot. Please, feel free to give some feedback! I really would like to hear your opinion 🙂