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It is time for new batman fan art. Few Trivium songs and bätmän is done. Hope you like it.

It’s been a while, again. School assignments are really testing me. Still, here is a illustration for you guys! Hope that you like it.

Hi! Here is today’s painting. Like and/or comment if you want 🙂


Okey, I admit that I’m a fan of the concept of Batman, and I enjoy painting batman fan art. Hope you like these ones also.

I’m Batman – möyh.



Weird things happened in photoshop today. First I thought that this could be some sort of a basic robot. Then it turned out to be a-bug-like-creature-robot. It was a bit flat and I tried out few things, and then it started to glow! Then I twisted the color scheme more and now it looks really nice! Hope you’ll like it also.

And now you may see these signs in action!