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It is time for new batman fan art. Few Trivium songs and bätmän is done. Hope you like it.

It’s been a while, again. School assignments are really testing me. Still, here is a illustration for you guys! Hope that you like it.

Hi! Here is today’s painting. Like and/or comment if you want 🙂


Okey, I admit that I’m a fan of the concept of Batman, and I enjoy painting batman fan art. Hope you like these ones also.

I’m Batman – möyh.



Weird things happened in photoshop today. First I thought that this could be some sort of a basic robot. Then it turned out to be a-bug-like-creature-robot. It was a bit flat and I tried out few things, and then it started to glow! Then I twisted the color scheme more and now it looks really nice! Hope you’ll like it also.

Sometimes it is good to draw with raw pencil and plain paper. Even just few minutes. Here is a quick sketch of a some sort of Batman. Maybe some day this could be a digital painting?