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It has been a while since the last post. To be honest, my life has been really busy now. At least it feels like it. I feel that I am taking giant leaps with my life as graphic designer, and even as a photographer. This is a awesome thing, but at the same time all this feels a bit confusing to me. How should I react, when I get a new assignment as graphic designer or photographer? How should I react when my design is going public? — And where is my “real portfolio web site”? It is a good question and that is something I need to build up, as soon as possible. I just need to regroup with myself and arrange time, when I am not tired or confused with some awesome situation.

About a week ago my friends from school, Jari Nyman and Olli Mustikainen, asked me to take photographs of their design lamps and their bench, which they had designed and produced in school. They have co-designed two lamps: Log Lamp and Peso Lamp (…And they really named the lamp after me! Funny guys, but they were serious about giving the name Peso for the lamp!). Nyman and Mustikainen had also designed this awesome Mägi bench. I had a blast taking these photographs. Nyman and Mustikainen are really nice guys to work with. They are so passionate about what they do, and that good feeling just bursts out and reflects to people.

I am really pleased how these photos came out. One light, that’s all. I like. I also took some portrait pictures of Nyman and Mustikainen. Below you can see the results. Please leave a comment if you feel, or if I have done good job, or if you want to give critic to me!

But the funny and confusing thing, concerning about these photographs happened today. Mustikainen posted a link in facebook, that a design blog: had posted a story of the Mägi bench and photos without asking any permission from me, Nyman or Mustikainen! You can see this post from here. It is a really nice thing to get some publicity as being young students, but asking a permission for posting and publishing these photos and the design in their web site would have been a pleasant thing. Good thing was that they mentioned our names there. But reality is inevitable, the design of the guys and my photos are published in a real design web site! And that’s really something.

I also took photos of Mustikainen’s Liito Rocking Chair. Mustikainen won 2nd prize at rocking chair design competition 2012, with this rocking chair. Nice work Mustikainen!

Nyman and Mustikainen got also emails concerning about the Mägi bech and its photos from a another direction. But that is a another story for some other time. Hope we will hear more from this thing soon.

Mägi Bench (c) Nyman and Mustikainen

Mägi Bench (c) Nyman and Mustikainen

Mägi Bench (c) Nyman and Mustikainen

Jari Nyman / Mägi Bench (c) Nyman and Mustikainen

Peso Lamp (c) Nyman and Mustikainen

Olli Mustikainen / Peso Lamp (c) Nyman and Mustikainen

Log Lamp (c) Nyman and Mustikainen

Log Lamp (c) Nyman and Mustikainen

Liito Rocking Chair (c) Mustikainen

Liito Rocking Chair (c) Mustikainen

All images are (c) Jussi Peso. Using the photographs without permission is prohibited.



So today is time for the second part of the Fount Tour that we took apart with my friends, that I promised yesterday.


About a month ago I went to a Font Tour walk thingie, with my friends. Helsinki is now a design capital, and for that a map was created, so people in helsinki might go to tour around and look some fine typography, or just fun typography. There were so many different things, that I’ve not seen, and they were so awesome. Some of them were really old, and some had been redesigned. As we all were tuned up to concentrate on different kinds of font types, we found a lot of awful typography, but also very nice ones too. We were laughing that we should have done this map, hahaha 😀 maybe? …maybe next time. As being a visual arts student my self, I tend to look around all the time, but how wrong have I been?! Most of these typographic elements were on the ceilings of houses and up high. I realized that I have not been looking up as much as I maybe should – so many cool things up there; even just few feet above my head.

As I was taking the photographs, I quite quickly noticed, that I’m taking really symmetrical pictures, which in this case is not a bad thing, in my opinion. So many different colors, structures, materials, typefaces, words, ect. ect. But now I could create a coherent series of pictures, from this Font tour. I made just small adjustments and gave a hint on purple tint to these. But where I tried to be successful, was in cropping the images. It was difficult. I had my trust worthy 50mm lens hooked up in my camera, but still it made quite a lot of barrel-kind-of-effect into the pictures. I did not touch the barrel-effect at all, but I really tried to “get rid of it” with cropping the images with care. And I think, I did quite decent job – what do you think? I really enjoy looking for all different lines going through my photos. It feels like it crates the base, the skeleton for the image – even if there is only one this kind of line. Should it be horisontal, vertical, diagonal, some where in the thirds, or fours, do not matter. I will always bee looking for them!

I managed to have 24 good pictures, so for this time I Will post only 12 of them. I will post the rest tomorrow, so keep up with my blog to not miss any of thees typography photographs!

And huge thanks to Eeva, Laura and Matte! I had so much fun with you! See you guys soon!

I found the Autobot! I could not wake it up, but at least I know where it is, if i need help. No-no! We just have to wait and see what going to happen. I’m so thrilled about this finding – are there more of them, that we just do not know?

To spoil this thing a little bit: I heard from a trust worthy nerd source, that actually these transformers are done by finnish railway company. They made the Autobot when the first Transformers movie was released, and they happend to have a new some sort of metal carving machine at the same time back then. And the Decepticon was made when the second Transformers movie was released.

But maybe I do not want to believe this. Perhaps I will go to some random car sales man, and hope to finde my own Bumbelbee, and perhaps I want to see this really happening 😉

The Decepticons are REAL! They are in Helsinki! I thought that it was just a cool story, but no, it is true. When are they going to strike? And where are the Autobots!

It was a quite normal day. I left from work normally, I was crossing a street and something caught on my eye. We are in Helsinki, so there are tram railroads going here and there. I walked over the street, and turned around. What was that?! I took my camera and took another look on that particular part of railroad. Could this be true? Again I walked across the street and took some pictures. At the other side of the road I checkd my photos and I was so amazed of this thing! I think I have found a Desepticon sign in Helsinki’s tram railroad, in Finland! And right away I was wondering: Where are the Autobots! I have to find them.

Hmm… is this Decepticon an old school one or some new wave Transformer? In my opinion this is old one, a Decepticon which tranforms into a tram railroad.

I have always thought, that Finland is quite nice and calm place to live, but There Are More Than Meets The Eye 😀 So let the search of Autobots begin! 😀

Hi! Today was a great day. I hung up my first “canvas-printed” digital painting with my aunt to her home! It is a really large print, 120x80cm! I still need some practicing with interior photography and maybe some another lens than 35mm-barrel tube: lines goes all away in different directions. Click here, to see the older post concerning about the painting itself. I had to crop the painting to 2:3 scale, because the printing house did not  do any canvas printings in 16:9 scale. Feel free to comment! 🙂

no words-canvas print

These are the things I like, These are the things I… These are the things that runs my power level down. Few weeks for the next big deadline: When the Sytyke-thingie and other scout “post-it-to-do’s” goes to printing houses. Maybe then I could have time to do some other things, maybe?

Yesterday was maybe the best day in this week, at least in my opinion. In the evening I was walking in Kouvola with my friend and my camera. And got few really nice shots of the absurd milieu of Kouvola. Nice! So here is the new attachment to my “Absrud Kouvola” -photo series. For those who do not know about this project: I am documenting this Kouvola city for the time I am studying here, try to express how do aI feel about this city, what kinds of things in the milieu takes my interest in, and I try to form somehow a different point of view of the city. I really do not know how I am going to achieve the points, but at least making these photographs makes me happy 🙂 Hope you enjoy these and feel free to comment.

Today was fun! I did not have any school today, but I went there anyway. There I saw friends who study industrial designers and one of them was using this mechanic wood carving machine. She had done a drawing with some computer program and now the carving machine was creating the drawing from a block of wood! It was creating a wine bottle stand prototype. That was so cool!!! I did not have time to stay there and see the final thing… I think I have to go there again for a second time to see the result; and why I am not studying this profession?! ;D Anyways, I was pretty stunned by this proses and luckily I had my camera with me, so I took few shots there! Afterwards I noticed that Niina, the designer herself was also in the pictures, supervising the progress 😀

In studio. There I was with few ideas. One light, no two lights! Wait a minute, what’s happening? Few hours vanished in the studio – Where did those ideas go? No idea.

Back home, sitting in the front of the computer. Going back and forth, searching for good pictures – I found one. Maybe that is enough. My friend who was modeling (thanks Jenna!) in these photos had so cool, autumn colored cloths. And now I’m lost with them in photoshop. Let’s set the Saturation to 0% and gave it a warm tone. Somehow this feels more comfortable. I maybe went too far with the extra blur thing, but I like it.

I’m happy. The composition and the mood that reflects for the image are the best things in this photo. next time if I do this kind of lighting, I will try to get a bit more light into the eyes. Hmmm… But maybe it is the expression of the face and the eyes that is the thing in this photograph. And the large soft box’s light fading so smoothly to black and the extra blur gives it more that mystical feeling into it. One light and a reflector or two is a good choice. That will also be my plan in the studio shoot. Please, feel free to give some feedback! I really would like to hear your opinion 🙂