Sometimes it is good to draw with raw pencil and plain paper. Even just few minutes. Here is a quick sketch of a some sort of Batman. Maybe some day this could be a digital painting?



And now you may see these signs in action!


A week ago I made these signs for Saraste scout camp. Just before Saraste, there is a another scout camp. Roverway. Saraste and Roverway is held in the same place and the signs are going to be placed for Roverway also, so there is quite many scouts to se these signs live! ๐Ÿ˜€ so fun! So here is small jpg for you.


About a week ago, a friend of mine was at my place and we were talking about my way of painting digitally. Well okay, I may have started it, but the conclusion of this conversation was, that my friend asked and suggested me, that if I’d be more patient with my paintings and give them more time, they could be a lot better. Perhaps they could, but I need to practice this. I tend to paint my illustrations quite quickly. If I’m working on some painting just for fun, I don’t know how to proceed with it after certain point – which I cannot specify. If I could somehow learn this “mile stone of my paintings”, maybe I really could be better.

Okay, I’ve taken the first step with this. I took Batman as my subject, because it is quite easy to approach and its forms are familiar to me. I’ve done few quick Batman paintings, so I could perhaps change or create better painting strategy or habit.

I started as always, fast sketching around and then created “the final result”, the form and composition for my painting. I do all this sketching with small canvas in 72dpi and paint it with black and white. After I’m happy with my result, I enlarge the painting’s resolution and pixels ratio. And then start to adjust the illustration, with painting details and coloring the image and after that it is just small fine tuning. I had six separate painting sessions with this painting, about one hour each (there is the final image after every session). I found this particularly difficult. I didn’t know where to correct or change things, how to proceed. I gave a lot of time to the wings, the movement of the body, head and chest. And again a drifted to hide all the things, that I did not have the talent to paint “correctly”. Well, also again in this composition these elements were not in the main role, so it was ok to do this.

The painting grew really well, you could see the process, which was really nice. But it lost some good atmosphere or was changed into other direction. And here comes in this small problem of mine. Every time I paint, I’m not quite sure what I really want from the painting. Speed Painting is in this situation a good choice, because the technical (from the technical part of paintig technique) result itself is not or may not be the main point. It is the feeling that it gives. It could be all non sens, but if it has even one or two critical strokes and/or colors, it may be the perfect illustration. Now this progress which I’m trying to achieve is so technical, that I’m way off from my sort of comfort zone.

This is really difficult. How could I proceed with this hobby? Or should I say future “profession”? I don’t know…

Today I said to my self that I do not know how to proceed with this, so let’s say that this is done and give it a bit of color into it. This is really different from my past illustrations, but this “ending method” that I did to this one, is pretty similar that I do always. I like it, but the end result may not be the one that I had in my mind – if I even had any of those ๐Ÿ˜€

Please feel free to comment, ask or suggest something. I’d love to here some fresh ideas. I really want to be better and understad what and how to paint better ๐Ÿ™‚

The final illustration.



So today is time for the second part of the Fount Tour that we took apart with my friends, that I promised yesterday.


About a month ago I went to a Font Tour walk thingie, with my friends. Helsinki is now a design capital, and for that a map was created, so people in helsinki might go to tour around and look some fine typography, or just fun typography. There were so many different things, that I’ve not seen, and they were so awesome. Some of them were really old, and some had been redesigned. As we all were tuned up to concentrate on different kinds of font types, we found a lot of awful typography, but also very nice ones too. We were laughing that we should have done this map, hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ maybe? …maybe next time. As being a visual arts student my self, I tend to look around all the time, but how wrong have I been?! Most of these typographic elements were on the ceilings of houses and up high. I realized that I have not been looking up as much as I maybe should – so many cool things up there; even just few feet above my head.

As I was taking the photographs, I quite quickly noticed, that I’m taking really symmetrical pictures, which in this case is not a bad thing, in my opinion. So many different colors, structures, materials, typefaces, words, ect. ect. But now I could create a coherent series of pictures, from this Font tour. I made just small adjustments and gave a hint on purple tint to these. But where I tried to be successful, was in cropping the images. It was difficult. I had my trust worthy 50mm lens hooked up in my camera, but still it made quite a lot of barrel-kind-of-effect into the pictures. I did not touch the barrel-effect at all, but I really tried to “get rid of it” with cropping the images with care. And I think, I did quite decent job – what do you think? I really enjoy looking for all different lines going through my photos. It feels like it crates the base, the skeleton for the image – even if there is only one this kind of line. Should it be horisontal, vertical, diagonal, some where in the thirds, or fours, do not matter. I will always bee looking for them!

I managed to have 24 good pictures, so for this time I Will post only 12 of them. I will post the rest tomorrow, so keep up with my blog to not miss any of thees typography photographs!

And huge thanks to Eeva, Laura and Matte! I had so much fun with you! See you guys soon!


Here are the new illustrations of the Saraste scout camp’s characters. These images are also printed inside the camper’s guide book. They are fun characters of morning (Kajo – green), mid-day (Humu – blue), evening (Hรคmy – orange) and night (Syvi – purple). If you have something to ask about these characters or the painting method, please feel free to drop a question or two. I have painted these digitally with a tablet and photoshop. These are a spread size images, that is why all illustrations has right side quite plane and empty. Hope you like them.

I will try to get some photos from the actual book itself soon, so you will see the final product, and upload the pdf to our web site. Meanwhile you should check our web site here: Saraste2012

Here is todays batman.

I want to see the new Batman movie!